Tuesday, March 27, 2018

September/October/November 2017

It's been so long! I assumed once I finished school I'd dive right into updating this thing, but you know. Life. It creeps up on you until next thing you know, months have passed. So anyways. Here's a brief update:


My last semester of school was in full swing and I was DYING. It was a busy busy semester, and especially difficult because I was still adjusting to having three little ones. I'm still not sure how I survived. Divine intervention definitely had something to do with it.

The biggest thing to happen in September was the death of my grandfather. "Bompa" died unexpectedly after a heart surgery. It was shocking and heart breaking. I've seen Bompa regularly my whole life---he lived just a few minutes away from the house I grew up in and we usually spent Sunday dinners together. Over the summers he graciously let me work for his company Interstate Sales, which he started back in the 60's. Bompa was a rock in my life--he emulated quiet goodness, generosity, strength, bravery, tenacity, hard work, consideration and intelligence. His loss is felt deeply by all of us Trentmans, but we look forward to seeing him again :)


October was way too hot! I hoped for cooler fall weather, but the hot hot days persisted. We went to Bishops Pumpkin Patch for Jayden's birthday and would've had a great time, except everyone else within a 100 mile radius had the same idea. We also enjoyed Apple Hill a couple times. It's magical there! The boys were SO excited to be minions for Halloween. Carter and I had other ideas, but the boys insisted and so minions it was. Carter made their helmets and did an amazing job!

I'll do a separate birthday post about Jayden eventually :)


We trained to do a half marathon on Thanksgiving day in Utah with my family. We planned to spend Thanksgiving at my sister's new house in South Jordan, Utah, but unfortunately a couple days into our trip we caught the flu. Between that and our severe lack of sleep, we thought it'd be best to just go home and enjoy a quiet Thanksgiving. We were very bummed to miss the Trentman festivities, especially the half marathon. Really! (well some of us were bummed...)

About this time Max went from sleeping fairly bad to sleeping AWFULLY. He really struggles at night---for about two months (beginning at this time) he was waking every 1-3 hours. He is a very little guy, and was especially little at this point so his doctor and I felt it was important to respond with feedings. My milk supply increased in response to his constant hunger, and eventually his weight went back to a happy place. This was a very VERY difficult time for me. Between Max's weight, no sleep, and my busy semester I was incredibly stressed and running on fumes. BUT everything worked out. Max still doesn't sleep very well (he's eight months old tomorrow!) and he's still pretty little, but it's better than it was.

We are very grateful for our happy life. It's not easy, and every day has it's moments. If you ever drop by, expect happy chaos! But we love it and are so grateful :)

baby sleepy stretches just about kill me. cuteness OVERLOAD. 

Jack and Daddy wake boarding :)

PE by day, skater boy by night (my 5th grade obsessed with Avril Lavigne self is so happy right now)

Max's blessing day!

Blessing Max! 

Jack wore this wig for an entire afternoon. 

Jack got a staph infection on his chin :( 

Somebody got into mama's makeup and gave himself a unibrow...

I do a little at home preschool with my boys. This was while we were singing patriotic songs, hence the flag waving. 


Boys wanted to be minions for Halloween. The night before a last minute costume party, Carter made their awesome minion hats for me while I finished HW :) What a guy! 

Max the Minion

Another look...they were SO awesome! The boys won a costume contest :) 

Apple Hill!

Trunk or Treat! 

Showing off Carter's mad costume design skills

Little minions trunk or treating. These two are my favorite! They are best friends! I'm so glad they have each other. 

Apple Hill! 

Grocery shopping with my limoscene cart haha

Just hanging out :)

Taking a bath in the kitchen sink after a messy Sunday dinner

Playing on the "Jungle" quilt Great Grandma Harper made for Max

Fall Time! 

THE BEST ICE CREAM EVER! We hung out with our friends in SLC before our Thanksgiving reunion and they introduced us to this little number. OH MY WORD. So delicious. 

Driving home before Thanksgiving. Jayden ended up throwing up 10 times in the car on this drive :( 

I'm fairly certain there's no better scent then little baby head.